On Saturday November 20th 14 volunteers showed up to work on placing bentonite in the pond base and install a new flow system to divert water from the Allen ditch to Cherry Creek.. The work was completed around 12:30 am and water started to flow into the pond. Piping, valves and fittings cost $503.87. The volunteers returned after lunch to check on the water level of the pond and noticed that the pond was filling rapidly.

Volunteers who helped are as follows: ( Review my spelling OK) Ralph Coscarella, Dave Maestes, Larry Fehling, Jeff Andrade, Ed Zabrisky, Sal Marinello, Paul Silver, Don Young, Norm Stegman, Arvin Johnson, Ken Gordon Jr. Marshall Nichols, Marv Blondin, Roger Hooks.

Prior to adding the bentonite to the pond with the effort of over a dozen volunteers and the use of donated equipment, the existing pond was cleaned up and prepped for the first water holding test......

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