We are all in the same boat – with respects to this 'W4447' issue. If you do not attend the meetings, voice your opinion or become involved, decisions will have to be made and actions will be taken that we all will have to live with and that will have consequences for years to come.

Currently there are two options which are being researched as possible resolutions to this "W4447" issue.
  • Use the original pond and utilize it as was originally intended.
  • Look to a third party – such as the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District – to satisfy the augmentation decree.
Each of these two options comes with pros and cons, but they each come with costs... In the case of the pond - for the construction and annual maintenance, or in the case of a third party - for administration fees associated with the management of the storage and release of water under the augmentation decree.

Keep your eyes on this secton (or better yet, attend the meetings) to keep up to date on the details of the various options under consideration.

As the deteils are starting to take shape regarding each of these various options and the research is leading to some cold-hard facts that information will be posted here to help you make an informed decision.

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