Following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) pertaining to the current "W4447" action. If you have a question or information to help answer a question, please send it to me for inclusion consideration. (Thomas Kainz)
  • Whom does this action affect?
    This action affects all Acres of Ireland, filing 2, well owners. Although property owners aren't directly affected unless there is a well on their property they still may have a vested interest in the outcome - especially if there are plans to eventually put a well in on their property.
  • What if I have a well augmentation permit?
    This action concerns only those with in-house use well permits. The augmentation permit is for outdoor use and is unaffected by this action. Keep the following in mind though.....if we, as a collective group, ignore this current situation, it will not go away on its own. Eventually, we may find ourselves facing the State Engineer and the possibility of having our wells capped. If this were to get to that point, having an augmentation permit for our yards and/or livestock certainly will be of no use when it comes to eating, washing, bathing, doing the laundry and any other indoor water use needs.
  • Do I have to own a well to play an active part in this issue's resolution?
    No. Property owners without wells can feel free to participate (and even volunteer!). However, to be eligible to vote on any issues before the board your dues must be current.

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