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Previous Meetings:

Board Members in attendance:
• Edgar Zabrisky
• Marshall Nichols
• Marvin Blondin
• Chip Cutler
Board Members absent
• Thomas Kainz
Others in attendance:
• Bill Ritchie - Decreed Augmentation Plan Coordinator, Division 2 Water Resources
• Jim Robinson
The meeting was called to order at 6:30. The following topics were covered:
  1. Expenses so far are approximately $40 per homeowner. Expenditures include printing and postage for notices, fixing up the existing pond, implementation of the augmentation station including the purchase of metering devices.
  2. Although the previously discussed UAWCD offer is still an option because of what has been accomplished so far, we no longer have to rely upon that option as our only consideration.
    3. The pond is starting to get ‘seasoned’ and is capable of being filled to capacity and holding water. During our experimentation with it late last year, we were able to get about 2 months’ worth of recharge out of it. Questions were addressed about pond maintenance as well as the fencing requirements. Chip discussed the types of fencing options for consideration as addressed homeowners concerns regarding safety and pond accessibility to children and how the fence would protect against those concerns. Edgar discussed what work has gone into getting the pond to hold water and how Bentonite has played an important role in that matter. Edgar reiterated that the pond could not be dug any deeper due to the high water table.
  3. Water Meters: both the board and Bill Ritchie reminded the homeowners about the need to be in compliance not only with having water meters installed and operational but with reporting the readings as required. Chip reported that our compliance so far is around 80% but wanted to remind the membership that the state can enforce compliance but we’d prefer that it not get to that point. Bill Ritchie went on to explain that he would prefer that the association (AIWOA) handle the plan including the calculations from the meter readings and the determination of the release requirements. The membership was reminded that most homeowners are using less than what the original decree was based upon but meter readings are needed to prove that point. Homeowners not having meter readings to back this up will result in the requirement for the association to store and release water based upon the assumed maximum usage which will result in unnecessary extra work and expenses. Bill Ritchie reminded everyone that he intends to enforce water meter compliance even if it results in hauling individual owners into water court as well as assessing penalties. The board noted that they have taken more than adequate steps to inform the homeowners of the metering requirements either through meetings such as this or through mailings. The board will not be going door to door to try to achieve 100% compliance but would most likely be leaving compliance requirements in the hands of the state that would have the means to leverage that enforcement.
  4. Both Bill and Jim did acknowledge our efforts, noting that for the first time in over 30 years we are meeting are requirements. Bill also noted that he felt that looking at the WWSP in Pueblo Reservoir or the UAWCD as options would be unnecessary and that he felt we could achieve all that we needed to by using the pond. He noted that the state would continue to work with us as they have in the past to achieve our goals and bring our community into full compliance.
  5. Edgar thanked Ken Gordon and Kenny, and explained that they went way out of their way to accommodate AOI well owners and have been most accommodating.
  6. The Upcoming March meeting will be to elect board members for the next term and further discussion will be presented regarding fencing options for the pond.
  7. Another mailing will be prepared in the near future detailing the metering requirements and how full compliance by everyone will result in less expenses for everyone.

(the following are the unofficial minutes of the prior meeting(s). These meeting minutes are not official unless approved by a majority of the board emmbers.

1. Meeting commenced (called to order) at 6:35pm
2. Board Members in attendance
a. President - Ed Zabrisky
b. Vice President - Chip Cutler (Absent)
c. Secretary - Thomas Kainz
d. Treasurer - Marvin Blondin
e. Member At Large - Marshal Nichols
3. 34 members in attendance (only 30 signed attendance roll)
4. Treasurers Report:
a. Checks received as of 5/10/10 – 3420.00
b. Cash received - $100
c. Total Expenses
i. USPS – PO Box and keys: $42.00
ii. Dr. Darrel Ireland for water rights transfer: $10.00
iii. Xfer to Collegiate Peaks bank to set up business account: $42.57
iv. Xfer to Collegiate Peaks bank for checks: $19.20
d. Net balance on account - $3,406.23
5. Value of the water - Ed
a. Not using water total water we’re allocated.
b. Value is just for what we need to augment our wells.
c. Using excess water for other purposes would not only entail infrastructure expenses but any related expenses to make any necessary changes to existing water court decree.
i. Most in attendance agreed that would not be viable option.
6. Deed Return - Ed
a. Came back as a quit claim
i. With stipulation we not come back against Ireland
b. General consensus was to file and get on with it but 4 people thought it best to wait pending clarification as to depth of what the stipulation meant and would that include the general membership from suing Ireland at a later time.
c. Ed noted that there is no rush to file deed as it is now in our hands to decide how we want to handle it.
7. Pond option - Ed
a. State has stated that current size is sufficient
b. Ed Presented current estimated expenses; with and without pond liner option - $15k to $50k
8. Upper Ark option - Ed
a. Concern – we would have to make sure that should Upper Ark go defunct, we would get original water right back. This may entertain consulting an attorney at considerable expense however Ed noted that he didn’t think that an attorney would be needed but could be called in should contract under consideration contain any ambiguities.
b. Ed covered fees
i. One time fees to state, Upper Ark
ii. Ongoing Fees
9. Michael Reed – employee of division of water resources – guest speaker
a. Current requirements
i. Augmentation station this year (ASAP)
1. 1” line with flow meter from Allen ditch to cherry creek.
2. This would satisfy the requirements of the decree through the summer and buy us more time to explore permanent solutions
10. Additional Option mentioned – Ed
a. With the installation of the water line and flow meter to meet our obligations for the summer months we can explore the opportunities of buying water from Twin Lakes (1/4 share was mentioned) to be used to satisfy our winter release obligation.
11. Motion was made by Marshal Nichols and seconded by Thomas Kainz to proceed with installation of water pipe and flow meter as required.
12. Next meeting set for June 21, 6:30 at the Howard fire station.
13. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

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