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  • Norm Stegeman (Sunday, February 14 10 09:09 pm EST)

    Well Permit Ownership
    Did you know -
    If you are not the original well permit applicant/owner, you must send in a "Change in Owner Name/Address" form to get your name on the permit. This was NOT done automatically when you purchased the land. The form (No. GWS-11) can be downloaded from the Wellview website (see Links area). There is no cost associated with the form. If you want to know if your name is on the well, look at the permit history details. Yours should be the current owner's name.

  • Jackie Corey (Thursday, March 04 10 06:09 am EST)

    Conversation with Terry Scanga
    He confirmed that payment of $150 per year would be required of every lot owner in AOI. That includes those who have no well.

    Also, that it was possible to use several ponds to meet requirements rather than having only one pond.

    No water would be released into Cherry Creek. It would be water released from Twin Lakes into the Arkansas, I presume, or simply a paper transfer. In a drought situation, Cherry Creek could still go dry.

  • Denny Pfeil (Tuesday, May 11 10 03:49 am EDT)

    Proposed Upper Ark Fee for Multiple Lots
    At last night's meeting, Ed Z. mentioned that Scanga's proposal included a $75/yr fee for in-house users, to be applied to each lot. I own 2 lots, with both the dwelling and well on the same lot. Since the issue here is one of water storage, usage and replenishment to satisfy the aumentation plan, why is the proposed fee based on the number of lots and not the number of wells in use by a landowner? Doesn't make sense to me. Please ask the board to get some rationale from Scanga.

  • Athena Bailey-Wolf (Sunday, June 27 10 11:07 pm EDT)

    Will the next meeting (after tonight's on June 28th) discuss how the residents of Acres of Ireland and the LLC might manage the pond and the water rights ourselves?
    Doesn't it make sense that both options (the other being giving the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District our water rights) are given equal time for discussion?

  • Ron Sering (Monday, June 28 10 01:21 am EDT)

    Statement of purpose
    I see that tonight's agenda includes billing of AOI well owners for the dues.

    I do not speak for others, but will say that in conversation the question of what exactly this organization will be doing for us has come up more than once.

    I am willing to pay the asked-for dues, but I think it's appropriate for the board to provide a Statement of Purpose, a Mission Statement, or otherwise some clear laying-out of what this organization's goals are, and what the dues will be going for.

    Just saying,

    Ron S.

  • cRAIG bELL (Sunday, November 07 10 02:19 am EST)

    ditch work
    This is the first I heard of all this repair. I am retired, lots of time on my hands. We are members of this ( new corporation}. haven't heard of any of this going on . I guess we are not in the (loop) Well go ahead and play in the ditch. Sounds like you all have your (click) on top of it .......Good luck to that. Just sayin.......Craig

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